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Suang-Lien Elderly Center is established by Suang-Lien Presbyterian Church. In view of the rapid growing population of elder citizens in Taiwan, we have realized our responsibility to take care of them. With this inspiration in mind, we inaugurated this eldrly center since 2000 for the first stage, then in 2003, and finally in 2009. In response to the government's promotion of multi-level and continuous eldercare welfare policies, we've provided elderly center, dementia eldercare division(Unit Care), elderly community college, eldercare research center, community caring station, home care, mission center and so on.

The center near both mountains and beach provide a surrounding with beautiful scenery, peace and tranquility(around 432,000 square feet). In addition to resident’s room, there are facilities such as church, dining halls, library, classrooms, beauty shop, rehabilitation station. In order to give complete care to elders, we have hired the pastor, administrative personnel, construction workers, cleaning crews, laundry crews, social workers, special arrangement doctors, nursing staff, care workers, occupational therapy personnel, physical therapist, nutritionist, cooks. The center provides medical clinic services, varied classes, spiritual counseling. In addition, we also accommodate relatives of the elders to temporary stay with the elders to enjoy kin fellowship and affection. By combining varied functions in our center and cooperating with the industry, government, and academic institution; we’ve strived to integrate academic professional knowledge and experience for creating satisfactory services to elders in meeting their daily living needs.

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